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Starting Your Bathroom Renovation: A Comprehensive Q&A Guide

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Embarking on a bathroom renovation journey can be both exciting and challenging. Here, we explain how to start a bathroom renovation as well as answer your most common questions about bathroom remodelling.  

What Are the Major Signs That My Bathroom Needs a Renovation? 

When your bathroom shows signs of severe wear and tear, such as persistent leaks, outdated fixtures, peeling paint, or growing mould, it’s time for a renovation. Noticing that your current layout no longer suits your needs is another sign to watch out for.  

What Preparations Are Needed for a Bathroom Renovation? 

Start by assessing your everyday needs and which areas of the bathroom need the most attention. Identify what you want to change and list down essential elements to include, like a walk-in shower or extra storage. Then, plan your budget carefully to include potential overruns, and decide whether to DIY or hire professionals. The budgeting stage is important since you’ll need to align your desired renovations with what you can actually afford.  

How Long Do Bathroom Renovations Take? 

The timeline will vary based on the project’s scope. A basic renovation can take two to three weeks, while comprehensive remodels may last several months. Always factor in possible delays due to unexpected issues.

You can read more about how long bathroom renos take in our detailed timeline guide 

How Much Do Bathroom Renovations Cost? 

Costs depend on factors like the size of your bathroom, materials chosen, and labour involved. A basic remodel typically costs a few thousand dollars, while a complete makeover might run into tens of thousands. 

What Is the Best Style of Bathtub for My New Bathroom? 

The best bathtub style depends on your bathroom’s size, style, and your personal taste. Contemporary tubs suit modern bathrooms, while clawfoot tubs add a traditional touch. Also, consider the material and comfort factor of the tub. You can also look into add-ons like LED lighting, jacuzzi jets and more. The key here is to ensure it matches the overall style you’re going after.  

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What Are the Most Common Mistakes When Renovating a Bathroom? 

Common mistakes include overlooking the bathroom’s functionality, choosing unsuitable materials, underestimating costs, neglecting ventilation, and attempting complex tasks without professional help. You can read more about how to avoid these mistakes so you can ensure a successful renovation. 

How Do I Maximize Space Within a Small Bathroom? 

Optimized storage solutions can help! Consider wall-mounted cabinets, use vertical spaces effectively, and think about built-in shelves in your shower. A well-planned layout and a minimalist design can also create an illusion of more space. 

What Are the Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations? 

Trends evolve, but modern bathrooms often feature elements like floating vanities, bold tiles, smart technology, and spa-like components. Sustainability is also a growing trend, with people opting for energy-efficient fixtures and natural materials. If you want something timeless, opt for classic design elements such as neutral colour schemes, high-quality fixtures, and custom built-ins.  

What Is the Best Flooring for My Bathroom Renovation? 

Choose water-resistant and durable flooring options such as porcelain or ceramic tiles. These materials can withstand moisture and heavy traffic, making them ideal for bathrooms. If you’re on a budget, vinyl flooring works well and can simulate the look of various materials.  

What Costs the Most in a Bathroom Renovation? 

Major elements like high-end bathroom flooring, counters, and custom showers often carry the highest costs. Additionally, labour expenses can significantly add to your renovation budget, particularly if you hire professionals for plumbing, electrical and carpentry tasks.  

What Are the Best Cabinet Styles for My Bathroom? 

The choice depends on your bathroom style and storage needs. Floating cabinets work well in modern bathrooms, while traditional designs may benefit from classic wood cabinets. A contemporary washroom might look best with shaker cabinets and sleek drawer pulls. Always prioritize functionality and durability alongside aesthetics. 

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