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We’ve made it our mission to build smart, beautiful, functional living spaces for homeowners in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, and Waterdown Ontario. But the reason you’ll want to choose Artisan Contracting is our process.


An enjoyable renovation experience is much more than the finished product.

One of the biggest concerns for every homeowners is cost overruns.

Nobody wants to agree to a price, and then learn that it will be significantly more, partway through the project. Not more because you asked for something different, more because the contractor didn’t foresee it, and got the job based on a price that didn’t include something you thought was covered. Yet it has become common-place for a typical renovation to overrun the estimate by 30%. We find that unacceptable and to that scale, completely avoidable.

You’ll love our work

You’ll love our work, but you’ll ENJOY renovating with us because we help you make smart, informed decisions about your project. We do this through our design process at the beginning of a project. A detailed and comprehensive design is the foundation for a groundbreaking renovation. Through this process, you will know with certainty, what you’re getting and what it’s going to cost.

Want to see how that works?

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We know that when we guess, you end up with stress.

For that reason we don’t do estimates. We offer a free initial consultation, and we will provide a quote, but we can’t be accurate until we do a design. It’s a small commitment early on in the process, so that you can make good decisions and avoid surprises later. We like to say, “a little up front, or a lot more later.” To help you in your decision-making, read The 10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Contractor. 10 questions banner

Our experience will make yours better.

J.OTT Home Renovations was founded in 1989 by President and Founder Jim Ott. Already providing home additions and renovations to clients since 1985, Jim created a business that combined his extensive experience and skill with integrity. He still prides himself on an honest approach, seeing that as the key to success through referrals from happy customers. Since then, now joined by his son Alex, the business continues to operate with the core values of honesty, planning, and craftsmanship. These values guide a practical, current, working knowledge of renovation design and home construction. To reflect the changes to the business over the years, J.OTT Home Renovations became Artisan Contracting by J.OTT in 2009. Along with the name change, the company image had a renovation of its own. Today, Artisan is one of the highest regarded Canadian Home Renovation Companies in Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville, Ontario.