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Laundry Room Sinks – A 2024 Guide to Trends and Styles

Laundry room sinks often fly under the radar, but they’re gaining momentum as a must-have feature in modern homes. Traditionally not given much consideration, these sinks are now recognized for their blend of functionality and style. In this blog, we explore why installing a trendy laundry room sink is a wise home improvement move. Why […]

Laundry Room Renovations: Inspiration, Tips & More

It’s 2024—your laundry room deserves a makeover. This often-overlooked space in your home is brimming with possibilities to add both social media-worthy style and convenience to your daily routine. With the right design choices, your laundry room can become an organized area you’ll actually enjoy using. In this blog, we look at the latest trends, […]

Transform Your Ensuite Bathroom with These 2024 Trends

Ensuite bathrooms, the private sanctuaries connected to primary bedrooms, are evolving beyond their traditional functionalities. Whether you’re planning a remodel or just seeking inspiration, here are the top ensuite bathroom trends we’re predicting for 2024.  1. Backlit Mirrors  Gone are the days of simple mirrors—chic backlit mirrors are stealing the spotlight. These mirrors aren’t just […]

Outdoor Project Ideas to Inspire You

Now that spring and summer are just around the corner, you can get inspired this year with any number of outdoor projects to spruce up your property.  This is the time of year that homeowners bust out from the hibernation endured during the wretched winter months and gear up for the warmth of outdoor living. […]

Surviving a Home Renovation: Your Complete Planning Guide

Renovating part of your home is an exciting time. Designing and choosing your new features is the fun part. But when it comes to actually having the work carried out, a home renovation can be quite disruptive and stressful. “So why go through it all?” I hear you ask. Well, because in the long run, […]

Tips to Consider During a Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is usually a pretty hefty task and one that can make a big difference to your day-to-day life. It can also be costly if you plan on making major changes such as the fitting or re-positioning of features such as sinks, washing machines and dish washers. And not to mention the disruption. […]

Preparing your Home for a Kitchen and Bath Renovation

As many homeowners have already discovered, breathing new life in a home with a renovation is the most desirous and rewarding project they can experience. It can increase the value of your house and make it more appealing for you and future buyers. As it turns out, kitchen and bath renos have the the highest ROI, […]

Make an Impression with these Main Floor Renovation Features

The main floor of your home will often set the tone for your entire dwelling. It is undoubtedly the area of your home that is most often seen by guests, and as such, when people make ground floor renovations, they often want to include features that will make an impression. Here are a few main floor […]

Starting Your Bathroom Renovation: A Comprehensive Q&A Guide

Embarking on a bathroom renovation journey can be both exciting and challenging. Here, we explain how to start a bathroom renovation as well as answer your most common questions about bathroom remodelling.   What Are the Major Signs That My Bathroom Needs a Renovation?  When your bathroom shows signs of severe wear and tear, such as […]

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a General Contractor

The decision to renovate your home is an exciting one. Looking forward to that custom-designed kitchen, or second-level addition has you eager to begin looking for someone to do the work. As excited as you are, now is not the time to be hasty. Choosing a general contractor requires some research and a little bit […]