Basement Reno Ideas: Making the Most Out of Under Stair Storage

If you are planning a basement renovation, you will no doubt be looking forward to more storage. In fact, storage solutions might be at the top of your list of needs for a basement renovation. Often you’ll find this extra storage right under your nose or this case, under your stairs. The Possibilities for Under […]

Six Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

Most new homes today come with unfinished basements, and while that may mean a little extra work and expense for the homeowner if they wish to make the space more livable, it also means they have a huge opportunity. An unfinished basement is like a blank canvas – there are so many unique ideas for […]

Should I Add a Second Storey Addition or Dig Out the Basement?

Most homeowners at some point, decide that they would like to have more room in their home. But say you love your current location and don’t want to move. To get the space you want, some renovations are in order. If the size of your property prevents you from building out, your options are to […]