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Basement Reno Ideas: Making the Most Out of Under Stair Storage

Under Stair Storage - Basement Reno Ideas: Making the Most Out of Under Stair Storage

If you are planning a basement renovation, you will no doubt be looking forward to more storage. In fact, storage solutions might be at the top of your list of needs for a basement renovation. Often you’ll find this extra storage right under your nose or this case, under your stairs.

The Possibilities for Under Stair Storage are Endless

Creating a space under your stairs in the basement will provide the storage you never thought possible. Without taking up existing square footage in your basement, renovation, planning and building storage under the stairs is genius. Here are some ideas of what to do with the space:

1. Build a Mini Library

If you are a collector of books, some built-in bookshelves will provide loads of room for under stair storage. This will have your extensive collection out in the open, where you and your company can enjoy. The right configuration of shelves can add design quality to your basement renovation.

2. Create some Compartments

With the angular structure that a staircase provides, cubbies can be created in a horizontal manner that will compartmentalize your things. These compartments might include a space to hang out-of-season clothing, winter /spring coats, and shoes.

3. Make it Bike Storage

A great use of the space under your stairs in a basement renovation and a great visual as well is to hang a bike or two under those stairs. This gets your bikes inside and out of the elements while freeing up space in the garage.

4. Start a Gallery

With the creation of shelves under your stairs, your basement renovation will be complete when you utilize these new shelves to create a photo collage. Adding this personal touch will complete any great basement reno.

5. A Reading Nook If It’s Roomy Enough

You might consider using that space, as living space. Storage can be had in other places while freeing up room under your stairs for actual square footage. A well-appointed staircase can be used to increase the living area in the room it shares. Open staircases are great for this.

While renovating, consider a cozy reading nook. With the right fabric, a bench can be created with shelves for books. Storage can even be found under the bench.

6. Keep it Fun For the Kids

Everybody loves a good game of hide and seek. Why not include a little something for the kids in your basement renovation? Design and build a cubby with a door. Kids love small places, and under stair storage could include “storing” the children. What a unique hiding spot!

7. A Kitchen/Bar Hideaway

If space under your stairs allows, consider including a kitchenette or wet bar in your basement renovation plans. A small counter with sink and stovetop aren’t what the neighbours will be expecting, but they will no doubt enjoy this little creative twist.

8. A Quiet Space to Work From Home

If functionality is what you’re looking for, consider an office space. The space under a full flight of stairs is enough room for a desk and some built-in shelves. If you choose materials that match the wood your stairs are made, this office space will look like it was always there, not just another add-on.

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The possibilities are only limited by your imagination when it comes to finding storage solutions under your stairs. If a basement renovation is in your future, don’t forget about the unique space under those stairs.

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Article Updated July 2023.