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Beyond DIY: How to Know if Your Renovation Requires Structural Changes

How to Know if Your Renovation Requires Structural Changes

When planning a home renovation, you should know what a structural change is and when it’s needed. Structural modifications demand careful engineering and expertise—these are not DIY projects. This guide will help you identify when your renovation requires structural changes; otherwise, you risk your home becoming unstable and unsafe! 

Common Structural Changes in Renovations 

Here are some typical scenarios that may require structural changes: 

  • Knocking Down Walls: Especially load-bearing ones. 
  • Adding Windows or Doors: Creating new openings in walls. 
  • Extending Rooms: Building outwards or upwards. 
  • Reconfiguring Layouts: Changing the floor plan significantly. 

First, Identify Load-Bearing Walls 

Load-bearing walls give your home structural integrity. Removing or altering these walls without proper understanding can lead to serious structural issues and dangerous collapses. Here’s how to identify them: 

  • Location: Load-bearing walls are usually located towards the center of the house and run perpendicular to the floor joists. 
  • Thickness: These walls are often thicker than non-load-bearing walls. 
  • Blueprints: Reviewing your home’s blueprints (if you have them) can provide clear information on which walls are load-bearing. 

Next, Book an Inspection 

Any structural change typically requires a permit and inspection to ensure the work complies with local building codes. These steps are critical for: 

  • Safety: Ensuring the stability and safety of your home. 
  • Insurance: Keeping your home insurable and up to code. 
  • Resale Value: Maintaining or enhancing your property’s value by meeting legal requirements. 

Finally, Hire a Qualified Contractor 

A professional can easily let you know if your renovation requires structural alterations and provide the services needed to go through with your renovation. 

Remember, structural changes are not DIY projects. Hiring a qualified contractor is essential for expertise and safety since contractors understand the complexities of structural modifications and will ensure the work is done safely and to code. 

Plus, professionals complete the job more efficiently, saving you time and potentially costly mistakes. 

Get in Touch with a Renovation Contractor Today 

Renovations involving structural changes require careful planning and professional expertise. Avoid the risks of DIY structural alterations and ensure your project’s success by hiring a qualified contractor. 

At Artisan Contracting, we have the experience and knowledge to handle all your structural modification needs safely and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss your renovation plans.