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How to Renovate a Bathroom on a Small Budget

Black and White Bathroom

Black and White renovated Bathroom

It’s no secret that a quality bathroom renovation can add value to your home and provide you with a sanctuary that makes your daily life more relaxed and enjoyable. The issue many homeowners have is how to transform their bathrooms while sticking to a tight budget.

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that will enable you to have an affordable bathroom remodel that feels like you went all out.

Splurge on One Bigger Item

Your instinct when planning a bathroom renovation may be to replace everything, but if you are looking for bathroom renovation ideas on a budget, then consider splurging on just one big item. This could be a vanity, countertop, shower, tub or tile. Whichever one you choose, make a point of surrounding it with lower-cost materials to balance the costs out. As an example, if you splurge on a new vanity, be a little more reserved with your choice of faucets, countertop and fixtures.

Don’t Move the Plumbing

You may wish to move around the plumbing to create a more functional space, but moving the plumbing eats up a lot of your budget. Therefore, stay with the current plumbing configuration so no pipes need to be moved, then make additions accordingly. Some examples may include retrofitting your tub or shower with a liner, changing the toilet or converting the tub to a stand-up shower. There are a lot of different possibilities, and as long as the pipes remain in place, you can still make quite an impression.

Focus on Fixtures and Hardware

The little details can make a big impression when doing an inexpensive small bathroom remodel. Consider making changes like installing a new sink and faucet, new hardware on the vanity, new floor registers, updated towel racks, new light fixtures or new plugs and electrical plates. These things don’t seem like much, but when they are installed, they will give the room a breath of fresh air that’s impossible to ignore.

Bathroom Wall Fixtures

Add Some Paint

A professional paint job can make a huge statement when your goal is to update your bathroom on a budget. No matter how many other renovations you were able to make, consider a colour that really stands out to make an impact. Since the room is smaller than others in your home, it won’t take a lot of time and won’t eat into your budget, but it will give you a great bang for your buck.

A small budget does not have to prevent you from getting the bathroom remodel you desire. Use these simple techniques when updating a bathroom to keep it on budget. At Artisan Contracting, we will work with you to get the bathroom you desire at a budget that works for you. Contact us today.