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How Long Do Bathroom Renovations Take? A Breakdown of Bathroom Renovation Timelines

How Long Do Bathroom Renovations Take

Bathroom renovations rank as the second most popular restoration for a very good reason. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home in terms of usage, but creating a beautiful bathroom into a place of elegance doesn’t just happen overnight. Below, we break down realistic bathroom renovation timelines you should consider.

Modern Bathroom Trends:

Today’s trends lean toward people remodeling the space into a spa-style room.The bathroom can be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate because the costs depend largely on the design, products, types of additions and accessories you want to add.

Types of Contractors:

Before we get into how long the renovation will take, let’s consider the type of contractors available to do your renovation. There are basically two types, the first type will work one job at a time and once finished move on to their next project.

The second type will work on a number of projects at the same time. They shuffle their tradespeople around, allowing them to be constantly working by going from one job to another throughout the week.

Renovation Timetables:

Like all renovations, they take time to complete because they’re like a puzzle with all of the pieces coming together eventually to create a full picture. Here is a great list of typical timetables for a bathroom renovation illustrated in an article by Seacliff Constructions for


The first thing a builder has to determine is the existing space and materials that constructed the space. Some materials such as timber studs and sheeted walls are much quicker to work with than solid brick walls.
Type 1 Builder: 2-3 Days
Type 2 Builder: 4-5 Days


Once there is a bare structure, the plumbers and electricians get involved. Their rough in will begin with plumbing points in the walls and floor. The wiring for the electrical work can commence.
Type 1 Builder: 1-2 Days
Type 2 Builder: 3-4 Days


Next comes the preparation of walls for tiles. Also, the installation of new windows, doors and wall niches can take place.
Type 1 Builder: 1 Day
Type 2 Builder: 1-2 Days


Now sheeting the walls and ceilings takes place.
Type 1 Builder: 2-3 Days
Type 2 Builder: 3-4 Days


Once the sheets are installed, the room is waterproofed as required. Waterproofing takes at least 24 hours to completely dry and a 2-day process for 2-3 coats.
Type 1 Builder: 1-2 Days
Type 2 Builder: 2-3 Days


The tiler lays out the tiles ensuring that the tiles are cut where they need to be balanced throughout the room.
Type 1 Builder: 5 Days
Type 2 Builder: 7 Days


Now that the tiles are in place on the floor and walls, it’s time for them to be grouted and siliconed at the critical joints.
Type 1 Builder: 1-2 Days
Type 2 Builder: 3 Days


Once the windows and doors are installed, the painter arrives to paint them along with the ceiling.
Type 1 Builder: 1 Day
Type 2 Builder: 1-2 Days


Now it’s time to install all of the fixtures and connect them up.
Type 1 Builder: 1 Day
Type 2 Builder: 1-2 Days


The electrician is now back to install the light fittings, switches and fans.
Type 1 Builder: 1 Day
Type 2 Builder: 1-2 Days’


Down to the wire with accessories like the toilet paper holder, hand towel rail, robe hooks, etc. Type 1 Builder: 1 Day
Type 2 Builder: 1-2 Days

Total Approximate Timeframe:

Type 1 Builder: 3-4 Weeks
Type 2 Builder: 6-7 Weeks

These times are generalized, and are based on a complete makeover. Your time will vary of course depending on the complexity of your bathroom renovation.

Need Quicker Bathroom Renovation Timelines? Hire a Professional!

At Artisan Contracting we engage in foresight before we get to the job site. This means that for any bathroom renovation, there will never be any surprises for the amount of time and cost.