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How to Choose a Perfect Bathtub for Your Bathroom Renovation

How to Choose a Perfect Bathtub for Your Bathroom Renovation

If you’re remodelling and looking to add a new bathtub, find out what options are available for bathtub types, installation and materials to find the perfect tub for your budget. The bathtub is a statement piece in your bathroom that sets the tone for the rest of the fixtures, so it’s good to do a bit of research.

Although showers are the fastest way to get clean when you’re on the go, the bathtub can be a relaxing alternative. Bathtubs can be a soothing reward, a meditative reprieve and a truly personal experience.

There are many options to choose from, so before you jump into purchasing any old bathtub, you should consider these features first.

Types of Tubs

  • 3-wall alcove: tub-shower combinations are the most common tub type and designed to maximize space. The unfinished ends usually get sandwiched between an exterior wall and a handy built-in storage cabinet.
  • Drop-in: Drop-in tubs are the tub shell only. They’re fitted inside a framed enclosure that’s finished to match bathroom cabinets or tile.
  • Under Mounts: are drop-ins destined for floor-level installation. Flooring, such as tile, covers the lip of the tub.
  • Corner: these tubs are variations on the alcove and drop-in designs. Their large proportions are conducive to dual bathing.
  • Freestanding: feature a sculpted bathing bowl on a solid base or a cradle.
  • Claw Foot: invoke images of a grand Elizabethan era of soaking. The signature legs support tubs that are especially deep and feature a high back for supporting the head and neck.

Features to Consider

Jets & Bubbles:

The whirlpool tub lives on with:

  • in-line heaters that warm water as it circulates, preventing heat loss
  • silent motor technology that greatly reduces the sound of the jets
  • multi-speed settings to adjust the vigour of the jets
  • foot massage jets mounted on underwater footrests
  • bubble-only jets providing warmed air throughout the tub
  • micro-bubble jets that fill the tub with champagne-like effervescence

Chromatherapy: Underwater LED lights change colour to suit your mood. From peaceful pink to soothing blue, the choice is yours.

Music: Resonant speaker panels attached to the tub send sound through the water so you can feel the vibrations on your skin. Sync to the playlists you have on your computer.

Digital controls: Make it all happen with a built-in touchpad—control temperature, jet direction and flow, colour and music.

Construction Costs

  • Acrylic and fibreglass: these are the least expensive options, readily available at home improvement centers. There’s a wide selection of colours. Priced from $400 to $1,700. Top end: $18,000.
  • Cast-iron: Enamel finish offers many cool colours. Heavy cast-iron is a great heat sink, keeping bath water warm for long periods. Priced from most popular: $400 to $1,200. Top end: $11,000.
  • Copper: The ultimate in fine bathroom couture. You’ll invite people over to look at your tub. Price: $4,000 to $50,000.
  • Enameled steel: Moderately priced tubs with a well-deserved reputation for toughness that includes resistance to scratching and staining. Colour choices are usually limited. Priced from most popular: $350 to $1,000. Top end: $8,000.

Total Luxury

The bathroom is a sanctuary for many people to relax and partake in a soothing soak with a few luxurious bells and whistles. To get the most out of your sanctionary of peace and solitude, your perfect bathtub that best suits your needs!