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Renovating? Follow these Tips to Save Space in Your Bathroom

Renovating Your Bathroom - Follow these Tips to Save Space

As the smallest room in your home, your bathroom’s surfaces can quickly become cluttered with toiletry items, hair dryers and more. But it doesn’t need to be that way! With some careful planning and reorganizing, you save space in your bathroom. Here’s how!

Get Organized

In some cases, a lack of organization in your bathroom can lead to space limitations.

Before completing any bathroom remodel, do a major overhaul of your bathroom’s contents. What is needed? What can be donated or discarded?

Who knows? Reorganizing the space may open up some extra room without needing to spend any extra time or money on an upgrade!

Give the Illusion of More Space

Soft, pale colours on your bathroom’s walls and floors can make your cramped bathroom space appear bigger.

The same logic applies to the glass. By replacing your shower curtain or frosted-glass shower doors with clear glass, an illusion of a bigger space can be achieved.

Install Custom Cabinetry for Bathroom Storage

Storage is the biggest issue in a bathroom which is why so many vanities end up covered in clutter.

Finding space-saving storage solutions can be achieved with some custom cabinetry created by a design professional. Custom cabinetry is especially useful in bathrooms with unusual dimensions and “wasted spaces” that aren’t suitable for standard cabinets.

Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to best complement your bathroom space.

Make Full Use of Your Bathroom’s Space

Even if you already think your bathroom space is maxed out, think again! Can you add recessed shelving behind the door or a wall? This type of shelving can provide an efficient space solution without taking up any more floor space.

Oftentimes, space higher up is underutilized. Consider adding some storage in the form of shelves up on the walls.

Not only will high shelves provide a great space-saving option, but they will also help make your bathroom feel less cramped.

Open Up More Space

From replacing a tub with a compact shower to adding a sliding door, there are many different ways to streamline your bathroom design.

Gone are the days when a square vanity sink is your only option – check out the curved, flat or under-mount sinks that can easily add more counter space. A floating vanity is another great option that can free up floor space underneath to be used for basket storage.

Still, want a tub but tight on space? Instead of purchasing an oversized tub, opt for a standard size to leave more room for cabinetry and larger vanities.

A Professional Can Help You Save Space in Your Bathroom

In a lot of cases, adding square footage is not an option when it comes to your bathroom renovation. But by choosing to implement a few changes like those above, a large amount of space can be gained!

For even more bathroom remodel and storage tips, contact Artisan Contracting today.