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7 Ways to Update the Exterior of Your Home & What You Need to Consider

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Curb appeal goes a long way in helping your home maintain its value. If you are ready to update the exterior of your home, here are seven ideas you need to consider.

What You Need to Consider for your Exterior Update

Consider these factors when you change or update the exterior of your house:

  • Assess Your Home: Stand outside your home and do an assessment of all the things you’d like to change.
  • Budget: Decide how much of a budget you can afford for your exterior update.
  • Research: The best research is walking or driving the streets of your neighbourhood to see what other homeowners are doing.
  • Materials: Once you get a feel for the materials you like, do a little more research online to find out what is available and also get an idea of costs.
  • Quotes: Call at least two local exterior contracting companies to get quotes based on your list of updates and the materials you hope to use. In reality, you only need one quote from Artisan Contracting by J.Ott.
  • Prioritize: Compare your quote to your budget, and prioritize work based on maintenance needs, and then what you’d like to change aesthetically.
  • ROI: One last consideration is where you’ll get the best ROI. The top three things include new garage doors, new entry doors, and a new façade.

These considerations will prepare you for your exterior upgrade. To learn more about how to upgrade the exterior of your home, contact our team today.

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7 Ways to Update the Exterior of Your Home

Here are some top ways to improve your curb appeal:

1. Refacing House Exterior

This includes modernized brick and siding renovations. There are many very affordable exterior house finishing materials available today including faux brick and stone materials as well as fibre cement siding. Siding can also improve your home’s insulation as a bonus. Think worry-free for both your own needs and future buyers.

2. Add Some Accents

If the majority of your home is in good condition and still has some appeal, consider just adding an accent. This can be an architectural accent such as gabled windows or a redesigned front porch structure. It can also be more affordable things such as more pronounced decorative trim. Even something as simple as shutters on your windows can add charm and a pop of colour or contrast.

3. Repaint

Paint is very affordable and can be used on many areas of your home exterior including the trim, the front door, garage doors, accent woodwork/aluminum such as fascia and more. By choosing a more modern colour such as black, for example, suddenly the fresh coat of paint can take decades off a tired, dull home. Just make sure the paint colour suits the home features you are keeping such as the brick siding or roof.

4. Roof Replacement

This is an excellent choice as it also helps make your home more sound and energy-efficient. Because it is such a large surface, it can really make an exciting impression. Roofs offer all kinds of new colours and textures, including faux cedar shingles for extra texture.

5. Build a Porch

Many homes built in the 1980s and 1990s lack the charm of a front porch. With the right materials, a front porch can add a more modern look, or can also be designed in a more rustic design.

6. New Doors

As previously mentioned, garage and entry doors are the two top choices for updating the exterior of a home. A front door adds impact and elegance while also accenting your entryway. New garage doors are an affordable way to add new accents with a more modern feel. They add even more impact due to their size.

7. New Windows

Adding new windows may not make a significant impact on the appearance of your home but it can certainly boost its energy efficiency. Get double-paned windows with special coatings to lock in heat in the winter and block it out in the summer.

Artisan Contracting is Here to Help

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