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Make an Impression with these Main Floor Renovation Features

renovated main floor

The main floor of your home will often set the tone for your entire dwelling. It is undoubtedly the area of your home that is most often seen by guests, and as such, when people make ground floor renovations, they often want to include features that will make an impression. Here are a few main floor renovation features you may want to consider:

Open Concept

Gone are the days of small segmented kitchens and living rooms! Not only are open concept spaces more modern and inviting, but they are also great if you like to entertain a more significant number of family and friends. Gatherings can spill from the living room into the kitchen, and open concept design allows you to still interact with your guests even if they are in the living room and you are busy putting out a food tray or mixing drinks in the kitchen.

High-End Flooring

Especially if you have a main floor with large open spaces, it is important that your flooring is attractive. Hardwood flooring in warm hues are a great choice, but tile is also becoming more popular. The idea is to have a style of flooring that will pull your entire décor together.

Wall and Ceiling Mouldings and Beams

To add a touch of drama, you can add features such as wall mouldings and ceiling beams especially if your space has higher ceilings, which help draw the eye upward and provide some visual interest.


Nothing beats natural light!  If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a great outdoor view, then you should have windows that make the most of this view. No view? No problem! There are many lighting options that can help you make your main floor bright and cheery. Consider pot or track lighting or even some funky fixtures. Think of the type of ambiance you would like to create and then choose a lighting style to match.

Built-in Storage

Another great feature to include in your ground floor renovations is some built-in storage space. This may consist of shelves and cabinets where you can display your books or collectables, or it could be that perfect kitchen island which is both a workspace and place to keep those special bottles of vino.

A Statement Fireplace

Having a fireplace to cozy up to during the colder months is always lovely. But if you are going to have a fireplace, why not have one that makes a statement! Choose a good quality brick, stone or tile to put around the chimney area. And remember, a nice mantle makes a great spot to display artwork or other items.

Smart Technology

Smart homes are becoming increasingly common, and many people who are making renovations want to know how they can include some of this technology in their own homes. You can now have fully wired systems which allow you to control all kinds of things from the convenience of your smartphone. This includes controlling the lighting, temperature, music and more!

Whether your ground floor renovation is large or small, by including some of these features, you can have a space that is both functional and beautiful. To discuss how you might incorporate these and other elements in your ground floor renovation, contact Artisan Contracting today.