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Preparing your Home for a Kitchen & Bath Renovation

Preparing Home for a Kitchen & Bath Renovation

As many homeowners have already discovered, breathing new life in a home with a renovation is the most desirous and rewarding project they can experience. It can increase the value of your house and make it more appealing for you and future buyers.

Kitchen Renovation Preperation

Since the kitchen is the heart of a home and most frequently used room in the house, a renovation will provide a modern, fresh and desirable look. An updated kitchen can make your house stand out with modern cabinetry, under cabinet lighting, backsplash tiling, upgraded countertops, modern faucets and new appliances.

Preparing for your Bathroom Renovation

Similarly, bathroom renovations are the second most important room in the home to renovate. Today’s trends lean toward people remodeling the space into a spa-style bathroom. The preference towards separate showers and tubs, double sinks, and even seating areas make this area a luxurious retreat.

Renovation Preparations

Preparing your home for one or either of these renovations is important. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task as long as you plan ahead and prepare the area before any renovation work begins.

While your physical labour may be minimal since you are using a professional renovation contractor, a different kind of work is involved, such as preparing yourself, preparing your home, and dealing with your contractor.

Here are a few tips to ensure your project runs safely and smoothly:

Devise a Renovation Plan

Be clear on what you plan on doing with the space before you make a start. Do your due diligence in researching the project because you might find that the work being done in one room will impact on those in another, particularly when plumbing and wiring are involved.

Having a clear vision and the right information prior to the renovation will ease the burden accompanied with the project. As an example, you might require to have rewiring completed before walls are plastered or drywall is put up.

Another example is carrying out major structural work. It’s best to check with a professional renovating company first, as there may be implications you are unaware of during the renovation. Remember too that a remodeling project is a perfect storm where many emotional factors come into play such as the cash outlay, the mess, and diminished privacy.

There may be some prep work involved such as clearing out rooms, which is a benefit to you while the project is going on. In the case of a bathroom renovation, plan ahead where and which alternate bathroom will be used during the renovation. You’ll discover all too soon that contractors hate it when clients change things around at night or on weekends when the workmen are not around, as this impedes the workflow, so plan ahead how you will keep the areas open and clear.

Financing the Project

There are several ways to finance a renovation project, but most homeowners simply get a short term loan from their bank. Lenders will help you fund your renovation project and offer the money in staged payments. If this is your preferred route, find out what those stages are and develop a plan when you will have each step of the renovation finished.

Salvaging Renovation Items

You may have an opportunity to recover some costs by salvaging items for resale such as unwanted fixtures and fittings. Whether it’s an old sink, toilet, basins, countertops, light fixtures or cabinets, there is money to be made if you’re so inclined. Yard sales or online garage sales are a great way to recoup some of those funds used for the new renovation.


At Artisan Contracting, we engage foresight before we get to the jobsite so we can work efficiently, and so that you are never surprised by the invoice. Contact us today for exceptional bathroom and kitchen renovations in the Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton Ontario area.