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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Custom Kitchen Renovation

Custom Kitchen Renovation

Have you been thinking about investing in a Custom Kitchen Renovation? The kitchen, for many families, is the main focal point in the home. Not only is a kitchen functional, but it also brings the family together. Therefore, you should spend some time planning your custom kitchen renovation. There are a few things you should consider for your kitchen renovation.

1. Will I keep my existing appliances, or will I purchase new ones?

Whichever choice you make, you will want to ensure your design matches the style and décor of your appliances. You will want your cabinets and countertops to complement the appliances. Therefore, it’s best to make this decision first, and if you choose to purchase new appliances, you should pick these out before choosing the other design elements of your new kitchen.

2. What type of countertop do I want?

This will depend upon your budget and how you use your countertop. You should consider not only the looks but the durability of the countertop material. Some of the high-end materials look incredible but require some extra care and maintenance that you may not be prepared to manage on a long-term basis. If you plan to chop and prepare foods directly on the surface of your countertop, you will want a material that will withstand this type of use. When you go shopping for your countertop, be sure to tell the salesperson exactly what your plans are for the countertop so they can advise you on the best material for your needs.

3. How do I want traffic to flow through my new kitchen?

Are you looking to invite family and guests to join you in the kitchen, or do you prefer a space dedicated solely to the preparation of food? If you want a layout that is inviting to guests, adding an island is a great idea. Add some stools, and you have a perfect conversation area or breakfast bar.

4. What type of kitchen cabinets do I want?

Your kitchen cabinets will be key to the functionality of your newly renovated kitchen. Not only should your cabinets look amazing, but they should also provide you with easily accessible storage solutions. Utilize all the available space by adding a carousel in corner cabinets. Glass doors can provide you with the opportunity to display your heirloom dishes, and they also make finding dishes easier with the see-through design.

5. What type of flooring do I need?

Again there are many options available for kitchen flooring. From wood to stone to vinyl and more, the materials and styles are endless. Just as you did with your countertops, you will want to start by considering your budget and the amount of wear and tear your floor will endure. If you have a family, you will want a material that is easy to clean and maintain while offering durability and great design.

As you can see, there are many things you need to consider before starting your custom kitchen renovation. Make a list of your wants and must-haves when it comes to your kitchen but consider your budget. And speak to a professional for the best advice on materials and appliances for your new kitchen.