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What makes a kitchen “High-end”?

What makes a kitchen “high-end”

Every home has a kitchen, and they’re all as unique as the people who live there. When designing our kitchens, it is very common to put a little of ourselves into the design, finishes, and fixtures but what distinguishes a high-end kitchen from a regular one? Where is that line drawn? If you’re wondering if your kitchen is on the high-end, here are seven elements that you can look for in your own space or maybe even upgrade if you want that high-end kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops

This is about the look almost as much as the material your counters are made of. Whether you choose quartz, granite, concrete or some other material, the look of the counter is what will make your kitchen look high-end. A good, solid material will add almost endless value to your kitchen. So when you’re renovating your kitchen, this is an area to invest in.

Kitchen Island

An island in your kitchen not only adds extra counter space, but it can also provide more space for entertaining guests. Islands are an area people tend to gather around, so this is a place you can put out food or treats for your guests. If the space allows for it, putting in an island will add high-end value to your kitchen.

Walk-in Pantry

Families eat a lot of food, and if you like to entertain or throw parties, then you need even more food storage. No one wants to store things in the basement, or have to lug things out of the spare bedroom – so what better way to store all that extra food than in a beautiful, custom pantry? You can add custom shelving and storage components that suit your family’s needs, and change them as you grow. A pantry – especially a walk-in one – has high-end written all over it.

Wine Cooler

Who doesn’t enjoy a great glass of wine after a long day, or having a couple of glasses with friends? Adding a wine cooler to your kitchen not only adds value but also makes it look classier. A wine cooler can be considered a luxury appliance, which makes your kitchen look better while providing you with a perfectly chilled glass of wine any night of the week.

Wine coolers often come with two sections so you can seperate red wine bottles from the white wine bottles.  They also give you the ability to have one section cooler than the other so you can have chilled white wines, and cellar temperature reds.  This investment is perfect if you wish to get into collecting and enjoying wine.

Wood Floors in Kitchens

Traditionally kitchens have seen tiles as the flooring used, but more and more kitchens have hardwood placed. This is typically the same flooring as what’s used in the living room, dining room and other areas of the main floor. Having the same flooring consistent throughout the main floor makes it look much more open and high-end.

Natural Kitchen Lighting

The more natural light you can add to your kitchen the higher-end it will be. Neon, or LED, lighting may look harsh and can make the space look unnatural and cold. Using all the windows you can – or even open up more spaces for natural light – will give your kitchen a very cozy, warm feeling.

Kitchen Appliances

This is maybe the best way to make your kitchen high-end. Stoves, fridges or dishwashers have a variety of finishes to choose from. Consider options like double ovens, six burner gas ranges and built-in fridges. Investing in top of the line appliances not only makes your kitchen look high-end but you’ll enjoy the better quality investment you’ve made for years to come.

High-end kitchens don’t have to look the exact same, but the components that make up these kitchens are very common. With a little effort and some design, you can make your kitchen high-end with your very own personal touches.

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