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How to Plan When Building Your Dream Home: Tips from the Pros

Planning for Building Your Dream Home: Tips from the Pros

Whether you’re building your dream home from the ground up, or looking to take your existing home to new heights of sophistication, it all starts with a well-designed plan. Planning out your renovations properly will allow both you and your contractor to work towards a shared vision and a stellar final product. When getting ready for a renovation or build, professional contractors keep some important things in mind – things that you would be wise to consider in yours.

Assess what exists

If you’re working with an existing structure, take note of both what you like and dislike so that the renovation can maintain parts of your home you want to keep, while bringing other parts up to the same level. Be on the lookout for potential structural problems, like cracking or rotting, which can be addressed as part of the renovation work.

Work with what exists

Playing off the strengths that already exist in your home can help you save time and money on a renovation. If there’s existing hardwood flooring buried under carpeting, you might be able to refinish it. Old moulding and trim can also be refinished rather than replaced, and a resurfacing job for a set of cabinets will be less expensive than the installation of new ones.

Know your local bylaws

There’s no point dreaming up your ideal home if the laws in your neighbourhood won’t allow it. Check on local building regulations or ask your contractor for help if you want to know what will be permitted in your neighbourhood, and what standards need to be maintained.

Take a look around your neighbourhood

If you want to add value to your home and help boost property value for the neighbourhood, any exterior changes you make should blend in with the streetscape around you. Your neighbours will also appreciate your home’s façade not differing drastically from theirs. If you do want to show off some individuality, think of ways you can design your exterior in a way that complements, rather than starkly stands out against, your neighbours’ houses.

Don’t let designs get too complex

Professional contractors will tell you that simple designs often lead to the best builds and the best results. The more intricate your design, the more expensive it will be to construct, and the longer the project will take to complete. Work with your contractor to find out if there are simpler ways to design spaces that still let you bring your ideas to life.

Don’t get hung up on trends

What’s in today, as far as home design is concerned, can end up looking outdated in a few years. Rather than trying to design with a particular trend in mind, consider what you find easy to live with and personally gratifying. Keep the needs of you and your family in mind as well. Some of the most chic-looking spaces aren’t very practical if you have small children running around.

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