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5 Tips to Set Up the Perfect Office Space at Home

Tips to Set Up the Perfect Office Space at Home

Working at home sounds appealing to almost everyone. But, unless you have a great office space already, you might find that you’re distracted, unfocused and uncomfortable at home. It’s all about how you set up your office, especially if you’re renovating, which requires some planning. Everyone could use some tips to make sure they have the perfect office. Here are five tips on how to set up an office at home.   

1. Consider Your Storage Needs 

Having what you need, where you need it and when you need is essential in any workplace and that includes your home. Surrounding your home desk, you’ll likely invest in storage. You can make that storage more efficient and convenient if you consider, ahead of time, what should go in it and where. When you design your storage, you can use the exact dimensions of your objects to make the most efficient storage possible. 

2. Use a Wall Bed 

Creating a home office in a guest bedroom can be hard, but a wall bed makes it so much easier. Also called Murphy beds, these beds can be stored vertically up against the wall, leaving behind their footprint in free space. This can help give you the space you need for your home office. The room will feel much larger when the bed is up, but you won’t lose any functionality in the space. In fact, wall beds often incorporate shelving that can be useful for your home office. 

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3. Choose Colour Carefully 

You might be tempted to experiment with your home office colour but be careful not to pick something that will be too distracting. There is a reason that muted and unsaturated colours are in style right now, they can be fun but they also act closer to neutrals than something intensely vibrant. This is great for an office space, where your primary focus needs to be getting down to work, and not looking at the things around you. 

4. Focus on Ergonomic Design 

When working from home you can make your office the exact way you need it to be in order to be comfortable. Getting the desk, chair and monitor that is the right height for you and as supportive as you need are all very important. But the layout of your office, the positioning of different elements, and your exposure to natural light are all very important too. Consider investing in lights that produce natural light, or keeping your desk close to your window.   

5. Refresh with Greenery and Change 

At first, your new office will seem lively and then it will start to feel monotonous. Keep it feeling fresh with greenery and spots where you can change up the items you display and the décor that you have.   

What if your office space project is more like a major renovation? Artisan Contracting can build an office space in your home when renovating major spaces or whole floors. Reach out to our team today to discuss your renovation project and what you need from a home office space, we are happy to help.