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Planning Your Home Addition: A Complete Guide

Home Addition Construction

Before anyone gets out a sledgehammer to take down a wall and start the actual process of building your home addition, there are months of planning needed. The planning process is just as important as the actual build, and, as the homeowner, it requires more work from you. Therefore, it’s wise to start your journey with a clear idea of how you should plan a home addition, how to finance a home addition, when to bring in the professionals and when to look for permits. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the whole planning process from start to finish. 

How to Finance a Home Addition 

First, where will you get the money to add to your home? Seeing as you have a home and hopefully some equity in it, the logical place to start is with a home equity loan or any kind of loan backed by the home itself. You may prefer a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for the additional flexibility it provides. But you can also look into loans through the government, banks, third parties, and your builder.  

Find Your Home Addition Contractor 

Once you understand what you can afford, the next step is to bring in a home contractor. Ideally, you’d choose an experienced contractor who has completed the kind of project you want to do. Look through their portfolio and also their website and reviews, looking for an emphasis on quality and customization. 

We suggest you nail down which contractor you’re working with before starting the design process. 

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Home Addition Designs

Now for the fun part! Designing your home addition is a long process, but the first step should always be to understand your needs, your wants, and the kinds of styles and looks you’re drawn to. You can trust your home addition contractor to guide you through the process. Be sure they remain responsive to your concerns and keep adjusting your design until you’re completely happy. 

Home Addition Permits 

When do you need a building permit for renovations? Your builder should be able to tell you. In fact, they should also be willing to handle the whole permit process for you. Most home renovation contractors have contacts with your city hall and are familiar with how to handle the permit process. In Ontario, you will certainly need a permit if your addition will be over 10 metres squared, which almost all are. Any additions requiring plumbing, drains, sewage, or foundation work will also require permits. 

However, if your addition is just a deck or a shed, you may get away without getting a permit for the work. 

Get Support from Artisan Contracting

At any stage of the home addition planning process, Artisan Contracting can help. We can advise you on where to secure funding, when to get permits, and much more. Talk to us today.