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7 Contemporary Kitchen Trends to Get You Inspired

Modern Kitchen Design

If there’s any room where you want to invest the most in making it modern and contemporary, that room is the kitchen. Before you jump right into designing, it is smart to take a look at the latest trends and how they could make your kitchen more practical, efficient, and “wow-worthy.” Look through these contemporary kitchen ideas to get started.

1. Textures in White Kitchens

Yes, white is still the predominant shade in modern, contemporary kitchens. However, the latest kitchen trends are adding subtle textures to their white surfaces to add interest and keep things fresh. White marble with a few grey veins is perhaps the classiest rendition of this trend.

2. Cabinet with Frames

Contemporary kitchen cabinets typically look sleek and simple, but the latest trend is to add some dimension and depth to them. Frame-fronted kitchen cabinets have raised edging that adds subtle interest. You can take it even further, using the gaps the frames add to add panelling with unique features like mesh.

3. Free Standing Storage

We find that the best contemporary kitchen designs include elements that make the kitchen more practical and more beautiful at the same time. Freestanding storage is one excellent option to accomplish this. Freestanding furniture pieces can turn empty space into your favourite morning coffee nook or smoothie station. Choose cabinetry, side tables and dressers that match the furniture in the rest of the home to connect the spaces.

4. Slab Backsplashes

You can find a huge variety of contemporary kitchen backsplash ideas, but one of our new favourite trends is the slab. Forget intricate patterns that add too much visual busyness to the space and choose large, single-piece slabs that show off the natural beauty of the material you’ve chosen for the backsplash. This is especially great for marble, a material that is both trendy and classic.

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5. Circular Lights

Contemporary kitchen lighting is taking a cue from the overall trend of rounded edges and circles. Choose globes, and other lights with rounded surfaces to pick up on the overall shape throughout your kitchen and make a big statement. Chandeliers made entirely of glass globes are especially popular.

6. Minty Green

We know, green has been an “in” colour for kitchen trends for some time. But you are probably used to seeing sage greens straight out of deserts adorning kitchen backsplashes and cabinetry. More trendy kitchens are now exploring brighter, mint greens. If you’re not sure about the colour, add just a few subtle pops instead of making the colour a key element of your kitchen.

7. Colourful Concrete

That intense, smooth look of concrete has been trending for some time. Now, designers have added pigments to it, creating intense shades that add brightness and character to a modern kitchen space. Baby blue and rich green hues are both great options.

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