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How A Design Helps Speed Up Your Project (and Keeps it On Budget)

3D drawing of Kitchen

Almost every home renovation project has a design of some kind. But the clearer and more comprehensive that design is, the better the renovation process goes. We find that projects with the best planning are completed on schedule and under budget. But why, and how can you get that quality planning for your own project? 

1. A Design Helps You Understand the Project Better 

Proper planning results in clear designs. You will feel more comfortable giving your approval of the project when you feel like you really understand how it will look. Therefore, you’ll move faster into the actual build process. We find that our 3D models are very helpful in helping clients understand how the space will look and feel after the renovation. 

2. Designs can Help Prevent Last-Minute Changes   

When you have a clear picture of what finishes, colours and features you’ll have in your new space, you will be less tempted to make last-minute changes that can delay the build process and cost you more money. It’s all about understanding what is going into your space so that you are perfectly happy when you see it in person. 

3. Designs Allow You to Make Your Decisions Up-Front   

It’s common for budgets to get away from people when they make so many decisions over such a long period of time. You can’t go back and spend less on the counters you’ve already ordered, to make room for the new fridge you’ve fallen in love with. It’s better to be able to balance all of your purchase decisions upfront, so you can truly maximize your priorities. 

Couple looking at blueprints

Stay on Budget With The Contractor Instruction Manual 

How do you get more complete planning? At Artisan Contracting, we plan all of our projects thoroughly, because it’s the best way to get a final product you love, on budget, and on time. We provide a Contractor Instruction Manual with all of our projects. It details every single product being installed in your space, all of the final drawings and designs, every change we are making to your space, and a complete cost breakdown.   

Thanks to the Contractor Instruction Manual, you know exactly what is going to be completed in your renovation. All of your decisions are made upfront so that you don’t blow your budget later in the process, or find your project delayed as you struggle to choose a feature. Once you’re ready to build, we’ll work hard to deliver the project on time.

Get Your Design Started Today

Having a renovation design will keep your project on time and on budget. At Artisan Contracting, we pride ourselves in our 5-step design process. Call us today to get your project started.