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Small Home Additions That Make Big Differences

Small Home Additions Make Big Differences

Home renovations can often send feelings of anxiety, stress and fear through a homeowner’s mind. Projects can seem too large to handle on your own, or hard to gauge at all without having a contracting expert to advise you that you really trust. Although no project is too big for the right team, even small additions to your home can make a big difference to your space, without causing stress in your day-to-day activity.

Home additions are a great way to increase square footage, but it does not require much additional space to make a home feel larger and more functional. The great thing about home additions is that they do not require any part of your home to become unusable for weeks at a time, like when you renovate certain rooms or floors of your existing space.



Adding a room to your house off of the back of your home is a very common renovation that is extremely effective without disturbing the major structure and foundation of your home. This type of addition is usually utilized for kitchen or family living space. You can easily turn what was once a cramped gathering area into a comfortable space with an open-concept feel, adding value to your home.


Many homes are built in a way that leaves an opportunity for the second floor to expand the full size of the first floor. This is particularly effective if your home is situated on a smaller plot of land in an urban area. Second-floor expansions are most commonly used to create a customized master suite. This feature has become great for resale and adds a level of luxury and comfort for the homeowner.


Usually located at the back or side of the house, a sunroom does not have to be big to add a whole new living space to your home. A sunroom is an easy addition because, internally, it does not have to become part of any other room that already exists. With its own layout and design, a sunroom is especially effective if your property is more private with a scenic view. Consider skylights as well as different window treatments for your sunroom.


When deciding on the shape, size, and style of your home addition, be sure to consult an expert so that you fully understand the scope of the project. It is important to consider the style of the home as it currently exists, along with its size and the size of your property, to be sure that your addition is complementary to what is already there. Décor options, both internally and externally, are important to consider at the early stages of your renovation process so that you are confident that the addition will flow nicely on the inside and outside of your home.

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