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Pros and Cons of Home Exterior Types

When you are thinking about getting or replacing a home exterior, you have a number of options available to you in terms of the material that you are going to use. Your decision of which one to use should be based on two factors – the aesthetic look of the material on the outside of your house, and also the functionality of that particular material for you.

So with this in mind, here are the pros and cons of each home exterior type:


Vinyl siding is the most popular option due to a number of reasons. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is very adaptable.


  • Infinite number of colors which you can choose from
  • Easy to clean with just a power hose and water
  • Can raise the R-value (energy rating) of your property from 2 to 5.5
  • Long lasting and durable – usually with a warranty for 30 – 40 years
  • Can have a number of different looks – e.g. wood – but without the downfalls of wood
  • Can get insulated vinyl if you live somewhere particularly cold – or hot
  • Often the cheapest


  • Can sometimes warp or bend in extreme hot or cold weather
  • Cannot always withstand impacts such as falling trees, hail, or tennis balls
  • Water-resistant but not water-proof, so sometimes water can get behind it and mold or damp can form
  • The color is permanent – you can’t then go and re-paint it


Many people like brick because it is long-standing and has a rustic looking element to it. There are usually two options available to you – the solid brick which is used in the construction of the house, or you can add brick veneers.


  • Can last at least 100 years
  • Requires minimum upkeep
  • Not open to termites or woodworm
  • Fire resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Weathers well and doesn’t fade or get damaged easily
  • Insurance quotes are usually less


  • Once you have chosen your brick siding colors, there is little room to change or paint it
  • Brick veneers can take a long time to do
  • Brick veneers can be one of the most expensive options
  • Mortar joints can disappear over time and they will need to be replaced


Wood can create a natural and cozy feel to your home. There are a number of different woods which you can choose from, and also a number of different styles as well.


  • The most environmentally friendly
  • Very high R-value making it very energy efficient
  • Depending on the style that you choose, you can replace small areas which have been damaged instead of having to replace the whole siding
  • Quick to install


  • Staining must be maintained
  • There is a maintenance cost
  • Open to damage from water/bugs/termites
  • Not fire resistant


Aluminum siding gives a home a more modern and stylish look.


  • Doesn’t mold or rot
  • Less fading
  • Fire resistant and resilient
  • Low maintenance
  • Eco-friendly and green as very little waste
  • No chance for insects or bugs to enter


  • Can lead to rust
  • Prone to dents and impact damage
  • Easily scratched
  • Can fade in extreme weather

Choosing your new home exterior is probably an easy decision if you have a rough idea of what you want. For more information about home exterior options, Get In Touch with Artisan Contracting today!