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how to Reinforce a Door to Protect from Burglary

When we go inside our homes, and then shut and lock the front door, we feel amongst the safest that we can feel. Unfortunately, this is a false security for most people, as what a lot of people are unaware of is the fact that unless the door is reinforced, it can be easily kicked down. After all, an inch or so of wooden wouldn’t really offer up too much heavy duty protection. The frame also offers a real weak point, and research shows that about 70% home burglaries are carried out in this way.

So what can you do to ensure that you really are safe and secure in your home? Of course, there are a number of security issues that you should be thinking about, but an important one is to reinforce your front door. So how is it done?

To Reinforce a New Door

If you are wanting the reinforce a door before it is installed:

  1. First you need to get a heavy duty mending plate – of 12-gauge galvanised steel.
  2. Place on the back of the door casing and centre on the dead bolt. Now trace the outline of the mending plate on the wood, and the dead bolt on the mending plate.
  3. Cut a hole in the mending plate to give access to the dead bolt.
  4. Chisel out some of the wood on the door frame so that the mending plate sits flush.
  5. Attach the plate to the frame with ¼” screws – or some shot enough that they won’t go through the door frame.
  6. Drill holes in the door through the holes in the mending plate.
  7. Place the door in the opening and secure the inside – place wood behind the hinges and drive two 3½ “ no. 10 screws into each hinge. Now make sure that the door opens and closes properly.
  8. Place a piece of wood in the crack between the house framing and the mending plate. This secures the house as it will strengthen the frame and help to protect it from twisting.
  9. Drive 4” no.10 screws into the four holes.
  10. Choose a heavy duty strike plate and put it in with 3½” no. 10 screws.
  11. The dead bolt goes through both plates.

To reinforce an Existing Door

To reinforce a door which is already in place:

  1. Remove the trim to expose the door casing where the dead bolt is located.
  2. Trace the outline of the mending plate on the door.
  3. Chisel out some of the wood on the door frame so that the mending plate sits flush.
  4. Place a piece of wood in the crack between the door casing and frame, close to the length of the reinforcement.
  5. Attach the plate to the door chasing with 1½” screws and to the house’s framing with 3½” screws.
  6. Seal the gap between the door casing and framing with insulating frame foam.
  7. Once this is dried put the trim back on.

Reinforcing your front door can play a major part in boosting the security of your home. It is relatively simple to do and can make the difference between someone being able to get into your house or not!

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