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Installing New Windows to Save on Your Electricity Bill

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It is no secret that a home with drafts can by very expensive to heat as any warmth that you inject into it is quickly lost through the gap where the draft is coming from. Drafts generally come in through old windows and doors, so to avoid the drafts and consequently, heat loss, the gaps need to be somehow filled. Another way that heat is lost is through the window pane itself. The glass that is used in traditional windows isn’t good at insulating and the heat can easily escape through the pane itself. That’s where new windows come in.

It also goes without saying that by reducing the amount of heating that you have you use to heat your house, the lower that your energy bills are going to be.

So how can you stop the heat from escaping through your windows and save on your electricity bill?

Repair Existing Windows

Depending on where the draft is coming in from, you might be able to repair your existing windows to fill in the gap. This is a pretty quick fix solution, however, as if there was one problem in one place, over time it is likely to come back in other places and you will find yourself eternally repairing windows.

Draft Proofing

Another solution which can help to eliminate window drafts is to draft proof your windows. This involves putting a seal around your windows so that there is no gap between the window itself and the frame. This is, however only possible for singles glaze windows and usually means that afterwards you won’t be able to open and close your windows. Draft proofing your whole house is a great way of avoiding drafts from your windows, but it does

Secondary or Double Glazing

You might want to think about getting secondary or double glazing on your windows This second panel leaves a layer of air which is a very poor conductor of heat, meaning that there is very little heat lost. Secondary or double glazing by its very nature will help to eliminate drafts from the window frame as well.

New Windows

By far the most effective way to stop heat loss and therefore reduce energy bills is to have new windows fitted to your entire house. Of course, you can it just one to replace a particularly bad window! Double or even triple glazed windows are by far the most effective reduction of heat loss method – as well as being the most effective for security and whilst still giving you the option of opening and closing a window – something that often draft proofing and secondary or double glazing being fitted afterwards does not.

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In short, new windows will help you to reduce your energy bills as they are the most effective way to stop heat from escaping your home. Obviously it depends on the current state of your windows, but (according to Energy Star), having new windows can save up to about $450 a year on your energy bills.

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