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The Best Smart Home Products - Artisan Contracting

A “Smart Home” is a relatively new phrase that describes the technology available for homeowners to control and monitor their home’s heating and cooling, security, lighting, environments, entertainment and appliances. Built with convenience in mind, smart home technology can be controlled from anywhere through apps on your smart phone or tablet. Like the idea of converting your home into a smart home, but have no idea which products to choose to accomplish this? In the list below, we’ve done the research for you to choose some of the best smart home products currently available on the market.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat: As an easy to use device that is a huge energy saver, this thermostat learns your living patterns and adjusts to them accordingly, such as turning the heat down when you leave for work.

2. Keen Home Smart Filter: By outfitting ducts with the Keen Home Smart Filter technology, the air quality is monitored throughout your home and is able to be programmed to each room.

3. Haiku L Series: This ceiling fan is much more energy efficient than traditional fans, as it can start operating automatically when someone comes into a room or when the room temperature exceeds a certain temperature.

4. Control Platforms, such as the Panasonic Ora, iDevice Socket, Samsung SmartThings Platform or LG SmartThinq and Home Chat provide energy-conscience consumers with the ability to control their home’s living experience from one device.

5. Smart Kitchens are now available with innovative fridges such as the LG Signature, which has French doors, a tap-to-light glass panel that shows the contents and automatic doors. Other options include the Samsung Family Hub, which features a 21.5” LCD monitor and a Whirlpool Smart fridge, which allows the user to adjust the mode to better fit your lifestyle. Less expensive options to make your kitchen smarter include installing a Smarter Fridge Cam, which shows you your fridge contents when you’re not at home, a Smarter Mat that can detect supply levels in containers and a Smarter Detect, which detects things such as when your fridge have been left open, or your for when your oven is finished preheating.

6. Home Security has become smarter with the introduction of Toucan Lighting, which not enables you to retrofit your home security with the lights that are already existing but will also send you images and sound a siren if there is a security threat. The Presence will alert you regarding suspicious activity that comes too close to your door, and the Kevo Smart Lock can convert your smart phone into a set of keys and communicates with Nest. Other cool new products to check out are LG and ADT’s Smart Security (shows you live feed of your home and detects suspicious activity), the Delta Leak Detector (detects water damage in your home) and the Masterlock Smart Padlock (acts as a Bluetooth locking system).

Why not use the innovative technology that’s available to manage your home easily and efficiently from a single device? If you are considering renovating your home, or remodelling, contact Artisan Contracting today. We will help you make smart, informed decisions about your project and can incorporate smart appliances into the designs, so you have the proper requirements to fit these wonderful devices into your life.