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2020 Kitchen Trends

Marble Waterfall counter

The latest kitchen trends are surprising to us. Have you heard of trends like waterfall countertops, plaster or cerused wood for kitchen cabinets, and even warm, vibrant tones for the whole kitchen? You can use these trends to add a little texture and colour to those ever-popular all-white kitchens. Although, other trends are a complete departure from those minimalist cooking spaces we’ve all grown so familiar with. So, if you’re looking for a little something to make your white kitchen pop, or you’re ready to buck the trend altogether, these 2020 kitchen trends give you a lot of options. 

Waterfall Countertop Trend 

Who doesn’t love to make their kitchen island the focal point of the space? A waterfall countertop makes the island even more prominent. Instead of ending at the edge, a waterfall countertop spills over and touches the floor. It’s colour and texture take up more visual space in the room and makes it look luxurious and crystalline. 

The waterfall countertop trend is another reason to invest in high-quality materials like quartz and natural stone, as their veining and texture will be more visible. You can choose to keep things simple with an all-white stone or add some intense colour. 

Wood and concrete are also popular and sometimes more affordable options for the waterfall countertop. Whatever material you choose, remember that its thickness will be on display, and thicker is often better. 

Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends & Material Trends 

In 2020, kitchen cabinets are getting more colourful. You can partly thank cerused wood for this trend. Cerused wood allows the gorgeous natural wood texture to shine through even when it is highly pigmented. So, you can have your colour and your texture too. 

What colour should you choose? Surprisingly, warm tones, even terracotta orange, are making a big comeback in kitchens. Green is also trending, in materials and colour. We are even seeing some bold greens in jewel tones. 

If you’re not ready to commit to a kitchen completely decked out in colour, then just add the colour you love to the window frames in an otherwise white modern kitchen. Or, add it to your backsplash. 

Honeycomb white and grey backsplash

Kitchen Tile Trends 

Speaking of backsplash trends, we’re seeing more and more backsplashes used as an opportunity to make a big statement. Forget that white subway tile and do something different, whether it’s adding modern multi-coloured honeycomb tiles or taking inspiration from your favorite culture’s traditional tile styles. Or, consider matching your backsplash to your waterfall countertop. 

As for flooring, think worn stone tile. Sure, it was once overused, but the quality versions are back in vogue. They add a great texture to the kitchen, while the colours are often muted enough to work with a huge range of other kitchen colours and materials. 

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