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Where To Position Your Living Room Television

Where To Position Your Living Room TV

Arranging furniture in a brand new space takes both a lot of time, and a lot of patience. It also takes some muscle! This article is all about positioning your TV in the living room, where most of us keep one of these endlessly entertaining machines. Gone are the days of requiring bulky media stands that are strong enough to hold our monster TVs. Today, lightweight flat screen televisions can be mounted virtually anywhere. The only trick is deciding where.


The TV and Fireplace Combination

The jury is out on whether or not to mount your television above a fireplace.  While some interior designers and contractors are enthusiastic supporters of the idea, others are staunchly opposed to the decision. There are pros and cons to both sides of this heated debate. Those opposed to the fireplace/TV combo argue that placing two focal points in one area is too difficult to do properly. That it can appear visually overwhelming, throwing the entire space out of balance.


The Cons

In addition to the design related cons of pairing your TV with the fireplace, interior designers argue that the elevated position of the TV makes it hard to watch. They call this the movie theatre effect. Of course, you can use a variety of different mounting brackets to change the angle of your TV. Another consideration to take into account when deciding to mount your TV above your fireplace is safety! Heat and electronics do not play well together, so make sure that your fireplace isn’t going to emit potentially dangerous heat.


The Pros

However, those on the other side of the debate argue that it can be done beautifully, as long as you follow a few simple rules. The first rule is cohesion. If you choose to mount your TV above your fireplace, use colour and texture to create a joint focal point. Wood moldings that encompass the two pieces are a great way to achieve this. Alternatively, create a mantle that does double duty. Your TV and fireplace can be skillfully incorporated into the same space, making your TV and fireplace look right at home. This is especially effective with recessed spaces in stone mantles. Lastly, make sure that the size of your TV and the size of your fireplace complement each other. If you are going to have them in the same space, ensure that they are similar in size.


Positioning a Living Room TV

Choosing where to mount your flatscreen TV can be tricky. The last thing you want is for your TV to become the focal point. There are many ways to avoid this design faux pas. For example, you can use custom built ins to seamlessly incorporate your TV alongside books, photos, and memorabilia. If you only turn on your TV occasionally, speak with your contractor about creating custom built ins with doors to hide your TV away when you aren’t using it.


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