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The Artisan Addition

The Artisan Addition

Have you ever heard someone complain that their second level is always too hot or too cold? Over the years, we’ve developed our own way of adding second storey additions that maximizes both mechanical efficiency and non-disturbance to the main level:

Our unique approach includes adding 16″ knee walls on top of the first level exterior walls. When required, a steel beam running down the center of the home is used. The top is flush with the knee walls. We then use Engineered Wood-I floor joists on top of the knee walls and steel beam. This creates a 10” horizontal service space between the top of the main level ceiling joists and the bottom of the second level floor joists, enabling us to put plumbing fixtures and sloped drains wherever we choose on the second level.

More importantly, our second storey approach also enables us to run main furnace trunk lines to the second level, running beside the steel beam, similar to a basement. This means a much more efficient HVAC system.

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