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Hot New Bathroom Trends for 2016

Hot New Bathroom Trends

Hot new bathroom trends for 2016 include a wide variety of choice. Unlike other years, the best bathroom trends have something for everybody.

If you are looking to make big changes such as a bathroom remodel, there are loads of approved trends. Even if you are on a tight budget and just need to freshen up a bit, there are many things that you can do this year to bring your bathroom into the new millennium.


Although your bathroom should be a soothing place, the colour should add to the ambiance, not take away. Pastels and neutrals will continue to be popular. Wallpaper recently made a comeback and wallpaper in the bathroom is no different. Be sure to choose paper that is designed for wet areas to keep your investment in good repair. Papering just one wall in no longer your only option. With the right design, you can save on the paint and wallpaper your entire bathroom, giving it a unique look.


If you are embarking on a bathroom remodel, the hot new trends in bathrooms for 2016 suggest thinking outside the box. Traditionally, a bathroom window would be square and etched for privacy. You might consider a round window, resembling a port hole or larger window. With the right window, bringing in loads of light, your bathroom will look bigger. Skylights will also add light and add effect your space.


Technology has no doubt opened up communication for you throughout your day. Why exclude the bathroom? Gone are days of a shower radio. There are a number of options available for the bathroom that will keep you in touch. Think flat screen tv or wireless stereo system. Intercom systems and touch screen panels that but all your options at your fingertips. Your touch screen can be wired to control your heating, tub jets, music, temperature and tv. With so much convenience, you won’t want to get out of the bath.


There is no need to disregard the environment when considering a bathroom renovation. The hot new trends for bathrooms in 2016 include using sustainable products, energy efficient windows, low-flow toilets and shower heads that conserve water. Going green can be a factor in your entire renovation. Floors can be installed with sustainability in mind. Bamboo or Cork do just this. Finish it all off with heated floors.

The hot new bathroom trends of 2016 can be yours. With a little vision, imagination and a budget that fits the pocketbook, you can reimagine the space you spend so much time in and create a retreat within your own home. Changing outdated materials in your bathroom and bringing it back to life with some of the hottest trends of 2016 will give you the chance to make an investment that will no doubt increase both your property value and your life.

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