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Artisan Foresight Design Package Home Renovation Design

Artisan Foresight Design Package Home Renovation Design

Are you dreaming of a sleek new kitchen with granite countertops, custom cabinetry and all the latest modern appliances? Or perhaps you’re thinking about turning that outdated 70’s bathroom into a tranquil oasis where you can escape the stress of your day. Or maybe an addition to accommodate your growing family? Whatever home renovations you have in mind, there are some good reasons why you might benefit from a design package instead of trying to piece it all together yourself.

At Artisan, we want to help you realize your dream renovation in the most efficient way possible, which is why we offer the Foresight Design Package.

What our design package includes:

Site Analysis

Before we begin any kind of design work, it is important to know what is possible given the current structure and layout of your home. Our site analysis includes detailed and extensive measurements of your home so that there will be no surprises or disappointments later.

Collaboration and Design

This step is perhaps the most fun for the home owner! It’s the part where we get to meet with you and discuss your vision for the renovation. If you’ve got drawings or photos, or a wacky idea that came to you in a dream, this is the part where you get to share it with us!

Once we have a good idea of what you are looking for, we’ll put together a design presentation which you can view on our laptop or your television, providing your feedback. We repeat this part of the process until you are satisfied with the design plan.

The last part of this process is choosing final finishes and colours which is done over several meetings with the decorator.

Detailed plan including scope and timelines

At this point in the process you will see how everything is coming together. You’ve decided on your design and now you’ll be able to see in writing exactly what changes will be made to your home and how long it will be before you enjoy those changes.

Your contract will include everything necessary – even permits.

A firm quote

Your quote for your home renovation is part of the final proposal, but we feel it deserves its own special mention. Why? Because unlike other contractors’ costs which can run over by as much as 10-30%, our quote is firm. The price that you see is the price you pay.

At Artisan, we believe that our design package offers great value to homeowners. Instead of looking to one contractor for flooring, another for painting and so on, you save time and energy by getting your entire remodel from a single contractor. And because we oversee the entire project from start to finish, you can feel confident knowing that the final look will be cohesive.

We like to make the renovation process fun for our clients, and by removing much of the headache that is normally associated with home renos, and by keeping our clients in the loop through regular consultations, we believe that our Foresight Design Package accomplishes this.