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2016 Home Trends

2016 Home Trends

Your home is your castle. Keeping it that way may mean keeping it on trend for the coming year. This can be as simple as a change in colour. In 2016, you’ll find loads of colour to choose from along with a multitude of options for bringing your home into the future.

While 2015 brought back the grey palate in a big way, 2016 will see an insurgence of pastels. Think Miami Vice. Butter yellow, robins egg blue and baby pink will bring about a modern feel to any home brave enough to venture into the world of soft hues. There are 77 forecasted colours for 2016 that are predicted to take a starring role in decor throughout the coming year. Changing up the colours in your home might a mean a complete change of colour for your walls. If you aren’t in the market for a complete makeover but want to inject these on-trend colours into your decor, consider an accent wall. Don’t just think paint, experiment with wallpaper. Quality wallpapers have made a comeback and are bolder than ever. No need to go out and purchase a mint green couch to get the job done. Investing even a small amount of money to fulfill those 2016 home trends might have you purchasing some accent pillows or throws.

Changing colour trends are a great reason to keep your statement pieces neutral. Adding accents to furniture will be a lot easier if the slate is clean.

While home trends for 2016 feature pastel colours, by contrast decor in 2016 is calling for bold pieces. Think retro if you will. You won’t need to beg your mother to let go of that ornate ashtray from the 70’s. You’ll find an abundance of retro-themed housewares at you local home decor store. You might consider an eclectic blend of old and new. Generally, home trends for 2016 will dazzle the eye and invigorate the soul. Unlike the minimalist decor trends of the recent past, trends for the coming year will energize your space.

Also making a predominate appearance in home trends for 2016 is nature. Anything natural, whether it be colour or furniture. People are increasingly considering their home, their safe place. A place where they feel cozy, comfortable and secure. Furniture made of wood along with any natural tones and accents will go a long way in accomplishing this pioneer feel. A time when things were much simpler. Many tv’s will be removed from the fireplace mantle and loads of fabrics will emerge in an effort to have homeowners hunkering down in their beloved nest. Vintage pieces, weaving, and raw fabrics are all set to make up the home trends of 2016.

In spite of budget, keeping on trend in 2016 is attainable. It’s important to bring your personal taste to the table when considering home trends because ultimately, you are the king or queen of your castle and no one will be living there but your majesty.

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